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BREAKING: 30-Year Senate Democrat Could Lose Their Job Tomorrow As Polling in Deep Blue State SHOCKS Democrats

A deep blue U.S. Senate seat in the state of Washington is likely going to flip this November as multiple polls indicate its 30-year incumbent Democrat, Patty Murray, is losing the lead over Republican challenger, and political newcomer, Tiffany Smiley.

Democrats and pro-choice groups are spending millions in new political ads in an attempt to boost Murray’s image, who with her far-left radical policies is losing support fast from independents and some Democrats.

As a political newcomer, her Republican challenger is campaigning on real-life issues like rising crime rates, inflation and homelessness to name a few. While Murray on the other hand is solely focused on radical policies that are not as popular with independents and many classical liberals in the Democratic Party.

According to the RealClearPolitics Polling Average, Patty Murray leads her Republican challenger by a razor-thin margin of 3%. The two most recent polls show Murray leading Smiley 48-46% and 49-48% respectively.

Murray’s losing support with classical liberals in the Democratic Party became prominent when one of her own former staffers made a decision to endorse Smiley. Murray’s former national security advisor, Pam Norick alleges that the Senator forced her to “choose between her job and caring for her children.” This looks hypocritical on Murray’s part as she is a prominent champion of women’s rights.”

“Standing up for women is such a huge part of my campaign,” Smiley told Newsweek of a 1996 book that says Murray forced Norick to choose between her job and caring for her children. “This is very shocking to me. We need new blood in the Senate — women who will actually fight for women.”

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Smiley, a Veterans Affairs nurse, and wife to a wounded Iraq veteran says that she is fighting for “our children’s future, to ensure that the American dream is alive and well for them.” Her beliefs are gaining support quickly in the deep blue state of Washington.

A Seattle Times poll released last month shows Murray slipping down from 51% in July, to 49% in September. Smiley on the other had gained 41% approval ratings from 33% back in July. The poll reports that Smiley has 50% of independent voters’ support, while Murray has just 34%.

Democrats panicking and increasing spending in the last weeks of the midterms in a deep blue state like Washington indicates a massive red wave this year.

“It doesn’t surprise me that this race has tightened,” Democratic Washington State strategist, Alex Glass told Politico.

Joe Biden won in Washington with nearly 20 percentage points but polls like these indicate, that the deep blue state is ready to finally elect a Republican to protect their interests, and not of the Washington swamp.

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