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33 GOP Senators Write Letter Demanding Merrick Garland Appoint Special Counsel in Hunter Biden Investigation

As the Hunter Biden investigation continues, Republicans are adamant that in order to avoid political interference, a special counsel must be appointed to assist the investigation.

33 Senate Republicans joined together demanding Attorney General Merrick Garland assign a special counsel to support the investigation’s prosecutor Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss and assure that the investigation is conducted without political interference. 

The motion was led by Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, Iowa Republican and Judiciary Committee Member Chuck Grassley and Kentucky Republican and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Fox News reported on the letter sent by concerned members of the GOP.

“We the undersigned write to request that United States Attorney David C. Weiss be extended special counsel protections and authorities to conduct the Hunter Eiden investigation.

“During your confirmation hearing, you promised to keep politics out of the Department of Justice (“DOJ”).

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“This promise has not been kept.

“On October 4, 2021, you unleashed DOJ’s National Security Division and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), among other criminal components, on millions of concerned parents across the country, who were exercising their First Amendment rights to be involved in decisions about their children’s education, including mask mandates, school closures, and the inclusion of critical race theory in school curricula.

“We have received hundreds of pieces of correspondence detailing how your memorandum chilled constitutionally protected speech.

“To date, you have failed to rescind this memorandum despite the fact that it was primarily based on a false predicate: the now disavowed National School Board Association Letter.

“You have also taken numerous other steps that have shown the unfortunate politicization of the DOJ under your charge, including targeting conservative states and legislatures for commo“As detailed by Senator Grassley, ‘highly credible’ whistleblowers have come forward to detail a ‘widespread effort within the FBI to downplay or discredit negative information about’ Hunter Biden.

“Instead of encouraging FBI and DOJ whistleblowers to report crimes and promote government transparency, you took the inexplicable step of chilling lawful whistleblower activity.

“Indeed, on August 30, 2022, you issued a memorandum prohibiting DOJ and FBI employees from communicating with ‘Senators, Representatives, congressional committees, or congressional staff without advance coordination, consultation and approval by OLA.’”

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