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Home » 93-Year-Old California Homeowner Shows Importance of the 2nd Amendment Shooting Intruder Who Broke Into His House

93-Year-Old California Homeowner Shows Importance of the 2nd Amendment Shooting Intruder Who Broke Into His House

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A 93-year-old California man embraced his second amendment right and stopped a home invasion by shooting one of the intruders who broke into his home.

The brave 93-year-old man is Joe Teague, a retired plumber who was in his home in Los Angeles when a group of home intruders broke into his home.

Teague was a home-intruder victim in the past and decided to flip the script on these criminals by using his second amendment right to defend himself and his property grabbing his gun to confront the intruders, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Oscar Malma, who is married to Teague’s granddaughter told a local news network that Teague recently lost his wife, and there have been multiple break-ins at his home.

“It happened once on Friday, Friday they went to break in the house. And now this happened in the middle of the night. They were looking for him,” Malma said.

“I approached them to put them under citizen’s arrest. They wouldn’t adhere to that, and then one of them came at me with a fishing pole,” Teague said while recounting the incident.

The criminals then began to throw random objects at Teague.

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“It was just like somebody comes to a gunfight with a pocketknife, you know,” he said.

At least one of these intruders was a woman according to Teague. He held them all at gunpoint and notified law enforcement that he was holding these criminals on his property.

When authorities arrived, they found that one of these intruders was shot and witnesses testified that multiple people fled from the property just before the officers arrived.

One of the suspected intruders, in this case, was identified as 33-year-old Joseph Ortega, and was taken to a local hospital in critical condition after being shot.

“Investigators have established that several individuals, including Ortega, were inside Teague’s property when a shooting occurred,” the sheriff’s office said.

The brave 93-year-old homeowner, Teague was not injured and is cooperating with law enforcement to identify other suspects in this case.

Authorities say that the shooting was justified and are investigating the incident to identify other suspects involved in this home invasion.

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