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Home » Actor Tim Allen’s Jab at the ‘WOKE’ Movement Makes the Left GO CRAZY; ‘Do Wokees Have a Clubhouse in Someone’s Backyard’

Actor Tim Allen’s Jab at the ‘WOKE’ Movement Makes the Left GO CRAZY; ‘Do Wokees Have a Clubhouse in Someone’s Backyard’

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A-List actor Tim Allen recently took to Twitter to express an opinion on the woke movement and challenge the narrative that such views can’t be disseminated to the public without fierce blowback from the left.

Allen tweeted, “Who is the face of woke. Do wokees have a clubhouse in someone’s backyard or maybe a cute yet safe playpen somewhere?”

His comment came at random and while it was simply a playful jab at the woke, he was met with immense criticism on the platform.

Apparent political commentator and filmmaker Evan Shaprio responded to Allen’s tweet saying, “No @ofctimallen. Like ‘anifa,’ ‘Wokeness’ is a political boogeyman, created by #MAGARepublicans to fool a cult of racist rubes into thinking wokeness IS a problem, but Fascism is not. But, Timmy, American Nazis DO have a face. Pucker up coke head,” including a gif of former President Donald Trump insinuating him as the face of American nazis.

Shapiro’s comments also included a nasty retort to Allen’s past saying, “Pucker up coke head,” in reference to Allen’s arrest in 1978 for possession of a large amount of cocaine. Although it is definitely not a crime to be proud of, it occured over 30 years ago and Allen is far past doing his time for the crime.

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American comedian Christopher Titus tweeted, “They’re those people that think coke dealers should get a second chance,” in response to Allen.

Eve6, an American rock band tweeted, “This is the boomerest boomer tweet of all time,” in response to Allen.

Responses then took a sharp turn to calling out Allen’s past dealings with the law. 

Former NFL lineman Uche Nwaneri tweeted, “Tim Allen: Cocaine Cowboy. And Snitch.”

Freelance writer Mike Taddow referenced Allen’s actions to save himself from life in prison tweeting, “never forget this man snitched.”

Everyone makes mistakes growing up, some larger than others, but the fact of the matter is we all do and to chastise someone in 2022 for a crime they committed in 1978 is utterly ridiculous, especially given the comments arose after Allen made one harmless tweet about the left. 

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