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Home » After Firing Multiple Top Executives at Twitter, Elon Musk Brings on Tesla Employees to Fix the Social Media Platform

After Firing Multiple Top Executives at Twitter, Elon Musk Brings on Tesla Employees to Fix the Social Media Platform

Image Credit - Reuters

Last week, Elon Musk implored 50 of his Tesla employees to help his new Twitter business venture. After firing a large percentage of his Twitter staff, Musk brought on people he trusted from his other companies, Neuralink and of course Tesla.

CNBC reported on Musk’s new hires.

“Some of Musk’s friends, advisors and backers, including the head of his family office Jared Birchall, angel investor Jason Calacanis, and founding PayPal chief operating officer and venture capitalist David Sacks, are also involved. So are two people who share Musk’s last name, James and Andrew Musk, who have worked at Palantir and Neuralink, respectively.”

“Among the dozens who Elon Musk enlisted specifically from Tesla are: director of software development Ashok Elluswamy, director of Autopilot and TeslaBot engineering Milan Kovac, senior director of software engineering Maha Virduhagiri; Pete Scheutzow, a senior staff technical program manager, and Jake Nocon, who is part of Tesla’s surveillance unit, as a senior manager of security intelligence.”

There are unconfirmed reports today of the nearly 3,000 firings of Twitter employees are backfiring as higher ups are attempting to rehire back some of that staff. More to come on this story if it is true.

The major changes to Twitter under Musk’s rule continue to roll out as Sunday their $8 subscription verifications plan is officially available. This is the most prominent change Musk has made while at the helm and its success will be imperative to the app’s success going forward.

Musk has also made headlines having interactions on the platform with liberal figures like Kathy Griffin and AOC.

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Kathy Griffin poked fun at Musk too much on Twitter which led to her account being temporarily suspended. Griffin impersonated Musk for a whole day before her account was threatened with permanent suspension.

A back-and-forth started between House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Musk after she  criticized Musk’s monetization plan for the platform to which the billionaire replied to AOC’s complaint simply saying, ”Now Pay $8.”

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