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AG Garland BLASTED by Trump After Appointing ANOTHER Special Counsel to Investigate the Former President 

Since he left office, Donald Trump has been the target of many political attacks, one of the most notable being the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago home. 

It’s been the norm for the media to target former President Donald J. Trump, but in recent times it seems the FBI and DOJ has put a giant bullseye on his back.

A recent action by the Attorney General Merrick Garland further instills this belief and Trump was sure to express his feelings about the AG’s decision.

Garland recently announced that in light of “new developments,” another special counsel would be appointed to continue the criminal investigations of the former President. This occurred just days after Trump announced he will be running for President in 2024.

“Based on recent developments, including the former president’s announcement that he’s a candidate for president in the next election, and the sitting president’s stated intention to be a candidate as well, I have concluded that it is in the public interest to appoint a special counsel. This appointment will not slow the completion of these investigations,” Garland said.

Trump was sure to respond to this and took to his social media platform Truth Social to express his feelings. 

“Here we go again! I thought that the Unselect Committee on January 6th was a dead issue, especially with the record setting loss off [sic] Liz Chaney in the Great State of Wyoming, and likewise felt that the document hoax case, after reviewing the Clinton Socks Case & the Presidential Record Act, was dead, or at least dying fast,” wrote Trump.

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“The Democrat Department of ‘Justice’ had nothing, except Trump haters, so they just appointed a Special Prosecutor to go after me further. Disgraceful!” the post continued.

Donald Trump Truth Social Post

The President of the Article III Project, Mike Davis spoke on Merrick Garland’s recent decision comparing it to situations regarding the Biden family.

“By appointing a special counsel to investigate his boss’s top political enemy, Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to politicize and weaponize the Biden Justice Department, all while ignoring smoking-gun evidence of the Biden family’s foreign corruption. Garland announced he’s essentially giving his special counsel whatever he needs to investigate the non-crimes of objecting to a presidential election (like Democrats did in 1967, 2001, 2005, and 2017) and keeping personal copies of presidential records (like Clinton did with highly classified tapes hidden in his sock drawer), both expressly permitted by federal statutes.

“The blatant political bias within the Biden Justice Department erodes trust from the American people that justice is fairly applied to everyone, regardless of their political affiliation.”

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