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Home » BOMBSHELL: Federal Appeals Court Rules Obama’s DACA Program ILLEGAL; Biden Administration to Keep Fighting for ‘Dreamers’ Rights

BOMBSHELL: Federal Appeals Court Rules Obama’s DACA Program ILLEGAL; Biden Administration to Keep Fighting for ‘Dreamers’ Rights

On Wednesday, a federal appeals court corroborated a previous lower court ruling declaring former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program illegal.

Surprisingly, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals did not end the DACA program. The court instead decided to send the case back to a Texas lower court with instructions to decide if recent Biden administration changes to DACA will protect the program from further legal action as the program has shifted since the initial court case.

The White House released a statement as a reaction to the decade-old legislation being deemed illegal.

“I am disappointed in today’s Fifth Circuit decision holding that DACA is unlawful. The court’s stay provides a reprieve for DACA recipients but one thing remains clear: the lives of Dreamers remain in limbo.”

“Today’s decision is the result of continued efforts by Republican state officials to strip DACA recipients of the protections and work authorization that many have now held for over a decade. And while we will use the tools we have to allow Dreamers to live and work in the only country they know as home, it is long past time for Congress to pass permanent protections for Dreamers, including a pathway to citizenship,” the statement continued.

“My Administration is committed to defending Dreamers against attacks from Republican officials in Texas and other states. This challenge to DACA is just another example of the extreme agenda being pushed by MAGA-Republican officials.”

More than 600,000 “dreamers’ live under this law, born here illegally but live and work in this country without fear of deportation.

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas brought attention to the “ongoing uncertainty it creates for families and communities across the country,” as well as claimed that his department will continue to fight for this law.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton attacked the Biden administration for its failure to alleviate the humanitarian crisis along the southern border and praised the recent ruling on social media.

“TX wins big against lawless, open-borders Biden Admin at the 5th Circuit,” said Paxton. “The appeals court just AFFIRMED my team’s trial court win. DACA—part of Dems’ program to flood our country with aliens—is illegal & will stay enjoined. Huge victory for the Rule of Law in America!”

More information is constantly rolling out about the ongoing border crisis. Recently,  The Department of Homeland Security stated there has been a “500% increase in human smuggling disruption activity compared to similar past operations” and that it has “recently surpassed 5,000 smuggler arrests.”

The border also has continued to break encounter records as the number in the millions continues to grow.

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