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BOMBSHELL! Kari Lakes Stolen Election Trial EXPOSED Possible Ballot Issues, “42.5% Were Improper Ballots”

Image Credit - Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

On Wednesday, Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and her legal team continue to unveil their case at trial that the midterm election for Arizona governor was stolen or improperly decided.

The bombshell exposure that the lawyers put forth was in Maricopa County, where Clay Parikh, a member of Lakes’ campaign testified that there were issues with ballots he observed that would invalidate their votes.

Parikh said 14 ballots that he examined had a 19-inch image of the ballot printed on 20-inch paper which would have caused the voting machines to reject those ballots. Parikh said someone must have changed the printer configurations.

“It could not be by accident,” Parikh said. “Those are configuration changes.”

Upon further investigation, the Kari Lake War room revealed “48 of 113 ballots reviewed during our examination were 19-inch ballots produced on 20-inch paper.

This one-inch discrepancy caused chaos on Election day. Causing the mass rejection of these votes as they were attempted to be read through the tabulators,” they tweeted.

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The war room also agreed with a commenter who responded “The expert testified there are only 2 ways for the 19-inch image to have bee projected onto the 20 in ballot which would cause tabulator errors. Both methods require an administrator to change. This could not have happened by chance or error. It was fraud.”

Tom Liddy, an attorney representing Maricopa County, attempted to explain that the images being discussed may have been slightly smaller as a result of a shrink-to-fit feature being selected on a printer. Liddy explained even if this issue was true the ballot could still be duplicated so that it could be read by the tabulator and the selections could be counted.

The trial is long and difficult as the burden of proof is extensive for Kari Lake and her team. Maricopa County officials, which control 60% of the state’s votes, are steadfast in their position that the election was safe.

The State Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson overseeing this case has allowed this ballot size argument to be on trial but he had already dismissed eight of the 10 claims Lake raised in her initial lawsuit.

Democrat Katie Hobbs is slated to helm the state’s governor position on January 2nd until the trial disproves her 17,000 vote margin of victory on election night.

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