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Home » BOMBSHELL REPORT: President Biden’s Role in FBI Raid on Donald Trump EXPOSED After Press Secretary Claims Biden Had Zero Knowledge

BOMBSHELL REPORT: President Biden’s Role in FBI Raid on Donald Trump EXPOSED After Press Secretary Claims Biden Had Zero Knowledge

New information and public focus has been drawn to President Biden’s potential knowledge and involvement in the raid Former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home weeks ago. Trump says that Joe Biden “knew” that the former President’s Mar-a-Lago estate was going to be raided by the FBI, a claim that the White House has already denied.

Biden is choosing to remain silent amid the wave of controversy but his White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during a press briefing that the President had no prior knowledge of the raid, as she also attempted to debunk allegations by Republicans that the raid, which occurred just three months out from the midterm elections, was politically motivated.

This was exposed by Just The News John Solomon. Solomon was speaking about this on a Fox News Channel appearance, he said: 

“The Biden White House was deeply involved in the early instigation of the early criminal probe against former President Trump.”

“Not only did they know, they are pushing the investigation. They gave them permission to the national archives to send the original boxes of documents Donald Trump had sent back the archives to the FBI. That launches the criminal investigation,” he continued.

“Biden cleared the way for Former President Trump’s claim of executive privilege to be eviscerated. This got rid of Trump’s ability to contest, and this happened just before a grand jury started delivering subpoenas.”

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“For the first time we now have evidence that Biden’s White House was in the middle of this right from the start way before the Mar A Lago raid,” Solomon concluded.

Speaking on Fox News, Eric Trump said: “I know the White House as well as anyone, I spent a lot of time there, I know the system, this did not happen without Joe Biden’s explicit approval. The White House approved of this. Mark my words it will come out. Did you see the press secretary out there today? We had no knowledge of this at all. Give me a break!”

“A field office wouldn’t even think about doing this without the sign off of the President of the United States, this is raiding one of the most famous houses on planet Earth, probably the most famous person on planet Earth, give me a break. Joe Biden absolutely signed off on this.”

In a statement Donald Trump insisted he had been “cooperating with the relevant Government agencies” regarding their investigation, and blamed the raid on “radical left Democrats” who don’t want him to run again in 2024.

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