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Home » BOOM! Fox News’ Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Liberal Media Taking the Crown as the Most Viewed Cable TV News Show

BOOM! Fox News’ Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Liberal Media Taking the Crown as the Most Viewed Cable TV News Show

Image Credit - Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

As key players in the liberal media industrial complex are losing their grips over viewership and the American people’s trust, Fox News is outperforming every competition and is gaining better viewership and trust by calling out the Biden administration, something that other networks are failing to do.

According to data from AdWeek, Fox News outperformed all its competition in the 4-11 pm slot largely thanks to the 8-9 pm hour when its primetime show Tucker Carlson Tonight airs.

Tucker Carlson’s 8 pm show had a whopping 3.13 million total views and a massive 485,000 views in the ad-coveted demo in the 25-54 demographic. This number outperforms even when you combine viewership from CNN and MSNBC.

When compared with CNN, which only had 131,000 viewers, and MSNBC, which had 152,000 views in this 25-54 demographic which is considered crucial for advertisers.

If you combine numbers from both, it adds up to just 283,000 which is still far lower than the 3.13 million views that Tucker’s show draws.

Deadline data reports, that other shows on Fox are also dominating the competition “In the 25-54 demo, Tucker Carlson Tonight was on top with an average of 522,000 viewers, followed by The Five with 447,000, Hannity with 428,000, The Ingraham Angle with 382,000, and Jesse Watters Primetime at 362,000.”

“Fox News Channel was the most-watched basic cable network in total day and the third-most-watched in primetime during the week of May 16. The cable news powerhouse also averaged more total primetime viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined for the 45th consecutive week.” The AdWeek report adds.

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“Carlson also ranked No. 1 in cable news among the A25-54 demo with 505,000 viewers from the measurement. The Five took second place in total viewers, averaging 3.15 million at 5 p.m., Hannity at No. 3 ( 2.78 million viewers at 9 p.m.), Jesse Watters Primetime at No. 4 (2.61 million at 7 p.m.) and Special Report with Bret Baier (2.45 million viewers at 6 p.m.) rounding out the five-most-watched.” The report adds.

Fox News Network as a whole had the top 15 most-watched cable TV shows of the week and in the 25-54 demographic. Liberal networks on the other hand didn’t even get to the top-15 rankings in terms of viewership.