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Home » BOOM! Marines Teach Criminals a Lesson After They Attempted to Rob a Jewelry Store Next to Recruiting Center

BOOM! Marines Teach Criminals a Lesson After They Attempted to Rob a Jewelry Store Next to Recruiting Center

As top Democrats across the country continue to support the far-left radical “defund the police” moment, crime rates in major Democrat-led cities and states continue to rise at an unprecedented rate.

With police departments underfunded, officers demotivated, and criminals on the loose, the far-left democrat ideology has cooked the perfect recipe for disaster and civil unrest.

Amid all this, a group of crooks attempted to loot a jewelry shop in Torrance, California in broad daylight on Dec. 20th, but unfortunately for them, this store was located near a U.S. Marine recruiting office.

The smash-and-grab attempt took place at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California, on the afternoon of Dec. 20th with suspects covering themselves with hoodies and face masks. The group used hammers to smash the glass cases at the jewelry store and attempted to escape the scene with high-value merchandise.

This is when Marine recruiters from the neighborhood recruiting center entered the scene and jumped into action.

The Marines tackled two suspects with the help of some brave bystanders and held them down until police arrived on the scene. The two other suspects of this group, unfortunately, managed to escape and the police department is actively working on identifying them as of publishing this article.

A bystander who identified himself as Ralph was doing last-minute Christmas shopping with his wife in the area when he witnessed the attempted robbery and recorded the incident on his cellphone.

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“[It was] the Marines. The Marine Corps … They stepped up, they tackled them down,” Ralph told local news KTTV-TV.

“Two got away, two got tackled down, and they stepped it up,” he added. “That’s enough. Time to fight back.”

The police department reports that the suspects detained by the Marines were minors and thanks to the brave efforts of the Marines, they were able to recover a “large amount” of jewelry from the two suspects.

The jewelry store is a family-owned business and the owner did not want to be identified or named in public citing safety concerns.

“It’s getting wild in the streets now,” Ralph told the local news. “It’s about time, to fight back, enough’s enough. A lot of stores are closing down just for this, the smash and grab.”

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