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Home » BOOM! SCOTUS Rules Trump’s ‘Stay in Mexico’ Border Security Policy be Reinstated Over President Biden’s 

BOOM! SCOTUS Rules Trump’s ‘Stay in Mexico’ Border Security Policy be Reinstated Over President Biden’s 

The Supreme Court has officially sided with forty-fifth President Donald Trump in a 6-3 ruling by forcing federal agencies to reinstate Trump’s “Stay In Mexico” policy over President Joe Biden’s border policy.

“It’s kind of interesting to read these legal opinions,” Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza said.

“This is a… it’s a masterpiece of clear reasoning. I want to give you a sense of what this reasoning is like,” D’Souza added.

“The United States code is really clear about the matter and basically said that if somebody comes to the border and wants to be admitted, it says that the alien ‘shall be detained to determine if they shouldn’t be removed from the United States. They should be then asked to produce valid documentation if they don’t have valid documentation, or if they misrepresent their ideas,’” he said.

“It says this alien will then be removed from the United States without any further consideration. If the alien says he wants to apply for asylum quote, he shall be detained for further consideration of the application of asylum,” he added, noting that nowhere in the law does it say that an illegal alien may be admitted into the United States and set free.

“It says that the illegal must be if you’re going to allow them in, the government must detain them,” stated D’Souza.

“And in a sense, keep them under government supervision. Now, needless to say, this was not done. And not only was it not done, but no reason was also given for the violation of the law for the flagrant ignoring of the U.S. code.”

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“The Biden administration, the judge says has ‘not offered a single justification for suspending enrollments in the program during the period of review,’” he continued.

“So there’s supposed to be a review. They don’t really review it. They just go temporary suspension, permanent suspension,” he said.

“Now it’s one thing to say that Biden wants to reverse what Trump did, but what Trump did was consonant with the law,” he adds.

“And so in trying to overrule Trump, what Biden was doing is getting away from the law. The point that judge makes, which I think is really interesting is that in most cases, many, many cases, these illegals don’t have claims of asylum that have any merit at all, they are trained and coached by left-wing lawyers to say, ‘Oh, I’m being persecuted in my country.’ They don’t even know what that means. They’re not being persecuted, not to deny that they aren’t hungry, not to deny that. Poor, but that is not a legitimate basis for claiming asylum,” he added.

“The left-wing immigration attorneys know this,” he says. “And so they advise these illegals to say the right words about asylum, knowing that when their actual case comes up, but they’re not even planning to show up for that case. So the whole thing is a scam racket that the Biden people have been running,” he said.

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