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Home » BRAVE: Mother Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands Shooting Home Intruder Defending Her Home and Family With the Second Amendment

BRAVE: Mother Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands Shooting Home Intruder Defending Her Home and Family With the Second Amendment

Image Credit - New York Post

A Milwaukee woman had the courage to protect her family when an intruder broke in and matters had to be taken into her own hands.

According to WTMJ-TV:

Milwaukee – A woman, defending her children, she claimed, shot and killed an intruder who broke into her home Monday morning.

The mother who asked not to be identified told TMJ4 News that she was in the shower when she heard her 12 and 14-year-old children screaming from the living room.

Without hesitation, she raced to her bedroom, grabbed her gun, and ran into the hallway to face down the intruder, she said.

“It all happened so fast – an adrenaline rush,” she said

The man, she said, was already being attacked by her two pit bulls, but she shot him multiple times because “he wouldn’t stop coming.”

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A neighbor called her a “hero.”

The mother said the intruder appeared to be in his late 30s and was acting erratically.

Milwaukee Police have not identified the man. They arrested the woman but released her several hours later after questioning.

Police said they won’t be releasing any more information, and the incident will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office.

The mother said her children are frightened, and they plan to move out once they’re able to find a new home.

A neighbor and community activist helped clean up the crime scene after authorities removed the body.

The mother bought the gun ten years ago, she said after discovering a man sleeping under her son’s bed. She said she hoped she’d never need to use it.

“I knew I’d be able to do it [shoot the intruder],” she said. “To protect my kids.”

The media chose not to jump on this shooting generating the suspect as the victim to ally with their once unimaginable political ideologue.

The case is similar to what happened to the Minneapolis woman who was held hostage for six hours by a criminal, and BLM Inc and the mainstream media came running to his side, claiming a racist police shooting.

The corporate media quickly dispersed onto a new race-baiting subject when the mother decided to stop the beginning of a protest, where activists were organizing outside her home, where the criminal was killed.

It’s becoming clear in America that you’re better off with a gun in the home for your and your family’s safety than not. Stopping a criminal within minutes seems reasonable compared to letting yourself get held hostage for six hours because you could not protect yourself or your loved ones.

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