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Home » BREAKING: 40-Year Democrat Held Position FLIPS RED as Mike Lawler Secures Historic Upset Over Sean Patrick Maloney 

BREAKING: 40-Year Democrat Held Position FLIPS RED as Mike Lawler Secures Historic Upset Over Sean Patrick Maloney 

Image Credit - Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo

Midterms have been successful, but not exactly what the GOP expected as the House is likely to be secured but the Senate is still in question and leaning Democrat.

While this is the case, a “historic upset” was handed to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Sean Patrick Maloney by Republican State Assemblyman Mike Lawler.

Lawler’s campaign focusing on boosting the economy and fighting back against high crime proved successful as he unseated Maloney who was elected in 2013.

What makes this win so historic is the fact that since 1992, a sitting House Campaign Committee Chair has not lost re-election.

Following his victory, Lawler was interviewed by Fox News where he discussed the race and his opponents’ faults.

“I think he took it for granted. As recently as a month ago he was traveling to Paris, London, and Geneva to raise money for the DCCC. He did not start campaigning seriously in the district until a couple of weeks ago. You have to be able to find a compromise, and you have to be able to work across the aisle,” Lawler said.

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Former official of the Biden administration, Symone Sanders, recently appeared on MSNBC and was asked about the impact gerrymandering has had on elections where she discussed how Maloney’s campaign may have cost him re-election.

“Let me tell you the Democratic strategists and people on the ground in New York, it is a problem what happened with these maps. And Sean Patrick Maloney, let’s tell you, he ended up in a district that Mondaire Jones was representing, current member of Congress. He — Sean Patrick Maloney decided to run in the district that Mondaire Jones was in, forced Mondaire Jones out. He went down the road, Mondaire Jones did, to run in a different district. He lost. Sean — I said it before and I’ll say it again, Sean Patrick Maloney should have led by example and stayed out of that race,” Sanders said.

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