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BREAKING: Affirmative Action on the Chopping Block? Supreme Court to Hear Two Race-Based College Admission Cases

Image Credit - Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The Supreme Court decision to overturn the landmark case of Roe v. Wade and give back states the power to determine laws on abortion has caused societal uproar and left the court in a bad light to many Americans, not only those from the Democrat party.

Now SCOTUS is set to hear a case involving two lawsuits based on race-based admission standards of the University of North Carolina and the prestigious Harvard University.

This hearing will challenge affirmative action not only in these two schools but will set a precedent for universities across the country. 

What is affirmative action you might ask? The Hill reported on the situation and defined the practice. 

“Affirmative action broadly refers to policies that favor individuals who have been subject to previous discrimination.  

“At the nation’s universities, it has been used to diversify enrollment, often in schools that historically turned away minority students.”

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Attorney Beverly A Pekala tweeted about the SCOTUS hearing and revealed that “In polling by Pew Research, 75% of Americans, incl. majorities of every racial group, say race/ethnicity should not be factors in admissions.”

There is precedence in this case as race based college admissions were challenged in the historic SCOTUS case of the University of California v. Bakke. 

“Allan Bakke, a white man, applied to the University California, Davis’s medical school. His application was rejected because of the school’s racial quota system: out of 100 spots, 16 were reserved for racial minorities. Bakke sued the school, arguing that the racial quota system was unconstitutional and a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“While the court determined UC-Davis’s quota did, in fact, violate the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause and the Civil Rights Act, it also ruled that diversity in university admissions was a “constitutionally permissible goal.

“Since then, schools have used race as an ingredient in selecting their student bodies,” The Hill report states.

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