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BREAKING: Back From Being Cancelled Back Roseanne Barr Announces 2023 Release of Comedy Special on Fox Nation

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Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actress Roseanne Barr is making her comeback from cancel culture in a new comedy special she’s producing and starring in for Fox Nation.

Barr will be making her first comedy stand-up special in 16 years, expected to release in 2023. So far titled, “A Roseanne Comedy Special,” it will be hosted on the Fox News subscription streaming service.

The hit revival of the ABC sitcom “Roseanne” was canceled after Barr released a series of racist tweets. She has since apologized. Fox nation is looking to give her a second chance. 

“I shoulda not did it, but by God, I was really pissed that day,” Barr explained. “I did something I wouldn’t do if I hadn’t been on that Ambien. It makes you do a lot of crazy s***.”

Fox Nation said the new special will be a one-hour special and “feature Ms. Barr’s signature comedic take on a variety of topics, with no subject off limits.”

Jason Klarman, president of Fox Nation, said in a statement. “Roseanne is a comedy icon whose humor connects with the American audience like no other. Her ability to channel the challenges of everyday people and find the humor in it all has earned her the passionate following of millions of dedicated fans.”

“We are thrilled to add her comedy special exclusively to the Fox Nation catalog.”

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After Barr was fired from the reboot of her series “Roseanne,” the show was canceled and the series later came back to the network without her, retitled “The Conners.” The new show is now debuting its fifth season.

The Conners led its opening night in the ratings. The debut airing delivered 10.5 million viewers and a 2.3 rating among adults 18-49. But that’s down 55 percent from the premiere of the reboot of Roseanne when Barr was still staring.

When Roseanne returned on ABC, the first episode delivered a staggering 18.2 million viewers and a 5.1 rating among adults 18-49 in the overnight Nielsens. The series then fell from that height and its finale concluded with 10.3 million viewers and a 2.4 rating.

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