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BREAKING: Democrats Already Lining Up to Take Nancy Pelosi’s Job as She is Expected to Step Down Following Red Wave in Midterms

Image Credit - J. Scott Applewhite/AP

On Friday, Politico reported that San Francisco candidates are preparing to replace Nancy Pelosi in the likely scenario she steps down after a Republican midterm victory. This would end her 35 year reign in the city’s district.

“Given the fact that these positions don’t have term limits, and given the ATM that is San Francisco, this is going to be a brawl,” said Max Szabo, a San Francisco-based Democratic consultant. “No one is going to leave anything on the field.”

San Francisco’s liberal stronghold virtually guarantees Democratic incumbents victories in all future races, barring severe missteps. Pelosi’s replacement, like her, will be an extended reign. This is causing many state and city politicians to quietly throw their hat in the ring.

“I think each of them would be formidable candidates,” said David Campos, a former San Francisco supervisor, but “the reality is that most of the people running for that seat will have similar views.”

Todd David was a former political director for the main Democrat eyeing Pelosi’s seat, State Senator Scott Wiener.

David spoke on Pelosi’s potential leave as recently saying, “Nancy Pelosi is so well respected and so well appreciated that no one is looking forward to seeing her leave, and the last thing anybody wants is to be viewed as making even the littlest insult to the speaker. From a pure practical, political point of view, no one wants to offend Nancy Pelosi.”

Politico also highlighted the possibility of Nancy’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, running to take her mothers position. This would be the first time she held public office, but her presence next to her mother and in politics all her life gives her a unique chance at winning a potential race.

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This all comes after Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was reported to be assaulted by a man wielding a hammer.

The attack was described by San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott in a press conference.

“Officers observed Mr. Pelosi and the suspect both holding a hammer. The suspect pulled the hammer away from Mr. Pelosi and violently assaulted him with it,” he said.

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