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BREAKING: Devin Nunes EXPOSES Social Media Collusion Between DOJ and FBI is NOT LIMITED to Twitter

Truth Social CEO and former California Republican Congressman Devin Nunes alleged this week that the FBI and DOJ collusion to censor conservatives online is not limited to Twitter.

This comes after independent journalists Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and Michael Shellenberger released Twitter’s internal records, The Twitter Files showing former Twitter employees taking instructions from the FBI and engage in politically motivated censorship.

The DOJ and the FBI had informants working with Twitter’s censorship team to guide key decisions like banning of former President Trump’s account, and the censorship of The New York Post’s bombshell on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

Nunes alleged this week that this type of deep state guided censorship is likely happening on other social media platforms as well.

“The coordination that the Department of Justice and the FBI clearly had with Twitter? I don’t think it stops there,” Nunes told NTD.

“It seems like they were either running informants, or had paid informants, or had volunteers, where they were actively sending information on behalf of the government on who to look into, or who to ban, and that sort of thing,” he added.

“The bigger issue is, Twitter is one thing, but what about Facebook? What about Instagram?” Nunes asked.

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Nunes further told the publication that President Trump developed Truth Social because he recognized that the left-wing ideologies and deep state players have total control over America’s public discourse.

The former congressman later said that President Trump is glad that Elon Musk finally purchased Twitter and is supporting his efforts to restore free speech online. He said, the former president believes that Musk should make all Twitter internal records public rather than release selective information through hand picked journalists.

“What [do] we really need from Elon Musk and Twitter at this point? Just release all the files. Don’t just have selective journalists look at it. Release all the files so everyone can begin to evaluate them. You never know what you’re going to find [with more people looking at the files],” he added.

“There’s a strange cat-and-mouse game where [Musk] is sitting on what seems to be a treasure trove of really damaging information to not only the fake news media but also to probably many areas within the United States government,” Nunes said.

“[Musk] has hinted that he has information on [Dr. Anthony] Fauci. So, we’re all just kinda sitting back and watching this cat-and-mouse game play out, where you’ve got one of the world’s oligarchs [who] has decided to say, ‘Look, if [Jeff] Bezos can buy the Washington Post, I can buy Twitter.’ And in the process of that, Elon Musk is saying things that, quite frankly, make him sound slightly center Right,” he added.

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