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Home » BREAKING: Durham Reveals Russian Citizen Who Birthed Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Was on FBI Payroll for Years

BREAKING: Durham Reveals Russian Citizen Who Birthed Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Was on FBI Payroll for Years

The primary source behind the 2016 Trump-Russia collusion hoax had an immunity deal with the federal government that he breached by disclosing partial information, according to special Counsel John Durham’s latest filing on October 11th.

Russian citizen, Igor Danchenko who initially fed the false Trump-Russia information to Christopher Steele, was employed by the FBI for years, Special Counsel Durham recently reported. After the first day of Danchenko’s trial in federal court in Virginia, we know that he had an immunity deal with the FBI.

Prosecutors will introduce “an immunity agreement that was entered into by the defendant with the government in which he was told specifically that he agreed to make full and complete disclosure of information,” Durham said.

This agreement was presented to Danchenko back in January 2017 when Danchenko was interviewed by the FBI regarding his role in the Steele Dossier.

“The only requirements of that agreement, the only requirements was that the defendant provide complete and truthful information, that he not withhold any information, and that he not attempt to protect any person through false information or omission,” Michael Keilty, assistant to special counsel Durham, told jurors on the first day of this trial.

U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, is overseeing this case in Virginia.

Danchenko, who was charged with five counts of lying to the FBI, is accused of falsifying his testimony by saying that he didn’t source the Steele information from a longtime Clinton family associate, Dolan. Hillary Clinton essentially helped to pay for the dossier that was targeted at her challenger.

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Danchenko further lied when he told the FBI that he “thought” he spoke with Sergei Millian, a pro-Trump businessman from New York. He claimed that he was planning on meeting with Millian in New York.

It is also interesting that Danchenko was being investigated by the FBI back in 2009 and 2010 for allegedly offering to connect wealthy colleagues in exchange for classified information. This probe was closed in 2010 because federal agents allegedly thought that Danchenko had left the country.

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