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BREAKING: Elon Musk Announces 2024 Presidential Endorsement; Sends Tweet Declaring Support for Ron DeSantis

After a Twitter thread explaining his reinstatement of Former President Donald Trump to his app Twitter, owner Elon Musk clarified who he will support in the 2024 election, and it’s not Trump.

Musk had a very interesting series of tweets where he said Twitter made a grave mistake in banning Trump from the platform. He also admitted to reluctantly voting for Biden in 2020. 

The Tesla Billionaire then said “My preference for the 2024 presidency is someone sensible and centrist.” a keen Twitter user made an assumption and responded “Would you support Ron DeSantis in 2024, Elon?” to which Musk responded with a simple, “Yes.”

Musk has been outspoken about his past as a Democrat, in this thread he explains how he had been a “significant supporter” of the Obama administration and he “had hoped that (centrist candidate) would the case for the Biden administration, but have been disappointed so far.” 

But the moves from the World’s Richest man indicate conservative support. Musk applauds free speech above all, unbanned many removed conservative voices, and expressed support for Republicans in the midterms saying:

“To independent-minded voters: Shared power curbs the worst excesses of both parties, therefore I recommend voting for a Republican Congress, given that the Presidency is Democratic,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

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“Hardcore Democrats or Republicans never vote for the other side, so independent voters are the ones who actually decide who’s in charge!” Musk added.

This comes as Democratic scrutiny for the new Twitter CEO is almost universal, as many fear his voice and leadership on the platform is destructive. Musk seems to be surprised by the liberal movement against him “I’ve been under unfair & misleading attack for some time by leading Democrats,” he tweeted.

Above all this political talk though Musk still focuses on the free speech nature of his platform, saying, “freedom of speech is the bedrock of a strong democracy and must take precedence.” So although he may support DeSantis, he wants to support a community that can back any candidate.

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