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BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell EXPOSES her ‘Special Friendship’ with Bill Clinton in Recent Interview From Jail

International sex offender Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell gave an exclusive interview to The Sun on Saturday where she shared details of her close friendship with a number of high-profile people including Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton.

Maxwell remarked in this interview that she was aware that her friendship with Prince Andrew “could not survive” after her conviction and 20-year sentencing over child sex trafficking charges in June. “He is paying such a price for the association. I consider him a dear friend. I care about it,” she said. Maxwell’s claims about Prince Andrew contradict that made by the Prince’s lawyer who earlier claimed that Prince Andrew and Maxwell were never close.

Talking about her relationship with former President Bill Clinton, Maxwell described it as a “special friendship” that “continued over the years.”

“We had lots in common. I feel bad that he is another victim, only because of his association with Jeffrey. I understand he, like others, can no longer consider me as a friend,” Maxwell said.

Reports obtained by Fox News show Clinton took multiple flights on Epstein’s private plane, “Lolita Express” with records suggesting at he took at least 26 trips on the private jet, even ditching his Secret Service details for at least five of these trips. There are multiple photographs of Epstein, Maxwell, and Clinton traveling together on planes, along with other destinations.

Maxwell also discussed former President Trump and mentioned to the outlet that she was “honored” that he “remembered” her. “We knew each other and mingled in the same circles, in New York, Palm Beach. I was very grateful when he wished me well after (the arrest). He got bad media for it, but he dared, while others didn’t,” she said.

The Sun conducted this exclusive interview with Maxwell as a part of an upcoming CBS-Paramount Plus special.

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“Our first meeting, conducted as part of an upcoming CBS-Paramount Plus special, took place in June this year inside New York’s notorious Metropolitan Detention Centre, followed by another lengthy interview conducted remotely from her current jail in Florida,” the outlet noted while not announcing when the full interview with Maxwell would release.

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