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BREAKING: Law Abiding Handgun Owner Shoots Chicago Car Thief Sending Him to the Hospital in Critical Condition

In one of the most dangerous cities in the country, the right to have concealed carry saved a victim from a carjacking. 

A Chicago man was in his car late at night when someone approached his vehicle with bad intentions. At around 1:27 a.m. on Monday the 45 year old man was at the 5500 block of West Crystal St. when a wood by criminal approached his car armed.

The carjacker saw an easy opportunity, unknowing that the driver was not going to let his car be taken easy. The suspect fired at the man in his car but luckily the driver had a gun of his own courtesy of Illinois concealed carry laws and returned fire striking the carjacker in the chest.

Carjackings are at an all time high in the city of Chicago under the control of Mayor Lori Lightfoot. On top of the record breaking number in carjackings the city continues to experience tragedy as 34 people were shot this weekend along with three of the shootings resulting in fatalities. 

The UChicago Justice Project is a group that uses social sciences and the arts to conduct projects aimed at implementing social change in the communities of Chicago. An organization that fights to help neighborhood violence and hold institutions accountable for taking care of their communities. 

Director of the UChicago Justice Project Robert Vargas spoke on the record breaking number of carjackings:

“When you look at these numbers, it’s hard to line these facts up with the narrative that our city leaders have put out that the spike is being driven by young people seeking joyrides.

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“Because unless young people are extremely good at hiding cars after having gone for a joyride, it seems like there’s some pretty strong economic incentives going on here and things linked to the informal economy, which suggests a far different set of interventions needed to address the problem.

“If the vast majority of carjacking incidents are being motivated by economic incentives, then it means that youth programming alone isn’t going to be sufficient to address the problem. It means that the problem is being driven by economic need.

“And when you look at the fact that the carjacking spike occurred just as the pandemic and the economic downturn hit, it makes logical sense that a lot of the carjacking is tied to the tremendous increase in economic need in Chicago’s disadvantaged neighborhoods.”

Under the leadership of Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot the city of Chicago continues to be one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Organizations like the UChicago Justice Project are doing their part to help communities but the government and specifically Mayor Lightfoot are seemingly doing nothing amidst a crisis of crime.

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