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Home » BREAKING: Liberal California Loses Another as John Wayne’s Granddaughter Moves to Nashville to Pursue Better Opportunities 

BREAKING: Liberal California Loses Another as John Wayne’s Granddaughter Moves to Nashville to Pursue Better Opportunities 

The condition of Democrat run states has been on a steady decline for what seems like ages and as a result of this people are leaving these states in search of a living situation better than the place they last called home.

One of the most notable recent departures is Jennifer Wayne, the granddaughter of legendary Hollywood western actor John Wayne, leaving the state of California for Nashville, Tennessee. 

Jennifer is part of the all girls country band “Runaway June,” which is one of her reasons for leaving the liberal state along with the search for an overall better life not restricted by the policies of Gavin Newsom.

She recently spoke out on her decision to leave California saying “What drew me to Nashville after living in California is that it’s very family-friendly. The quality of life is awesome. People just know it for music and it’s a great sports town too… But it’s also a very young, active and exciting place to be,” she said. “There are so many great companies moving here. So many families laying down roots here. So many professionals looking for a fresh start. There’s a lot of opportunity here,” Fox Business reported.

Jennifer also talked about how her last name has impacted her life saying “I know my grandfather being John Wayne is awesome and opens a lot of doors, but you almost have more pressure once those doors are open. People expect more from you. So you have to show up and do your part. I failed a lot in the beginning and I learned a lot from those failures. But it’s a positive experience.

“You want to make him proud and you want to fill his shoes in a way. You can never really fill his shoes. But luckily, I’m in a whole different genre. I’m in music. He was in acting, and I heard he was tone-deaf. So I think I’m OK. I think I’ve succeeded on that part,” she concluded.

Jennifer Wayne is one of many to have left the liberal state of California and while her explanation of leaving explains the opportunities Nashville presented more, the disadvantages of living in California certainly played a role in her departure.

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