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Home » BREAKING: Man Who Fired ‘Warning Shots’ at Kyle Rittenhouse Arrested on New Charges of Armed Robbery and Burglary

BREAKING: Man Who Fired ‘Warning Shots’ at Kyle Rittenhouse Arrested on New Charges of Armed Robbery and Burglary

A man allegedly involved with the Kyle Rittenhouse self-defense incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin was finally charged this week along with his wife for crimes allegedly committed by the pair in late August.

37 year-old Joshua Ziminski, and 32 year-old Kelly Ziminski are both allegedly Black Lives Matter/Antifa activists and are being charged with multiple felonies in armed robbery, armed burglary, false imprisonment, intimidation and identity theft.

Joshua is also facing another felony charge of bail-jumping while his wife, Kelly will be facing probation on hold.

The couple allegedly tried to rob a man in Kenosha at knifepoint on early morning of August 26th.

The victim then reported the incident to Kenosha police and told that a woman (Kelly) along with two men (Joshua and an unknown male) had showed up to his apartment at 1.20 am.

The victim let the female (Kelly) in the apartment to use the bathroom when the three suspects grabbed him and instructed him to “Give me the money from the house.” When the victim told them that there is no money in the house, and everything was in his bank, the third man who was tagging along with the Ziminskis punched the victim twice in the face. The three suspects dragged him out of his house and pushed him in a truck.

The truck was then driven into a gas station and the suspect demanded the PIN code for the victim’s debit card. After failing to withdraw cash from four separate gas stations, they returned to the first ATM for a second attempt from where the victim managed to escape into the store and requested the clerk dial 911.

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Joshua Ziminski told officers after his arrest Monday that Kelly had met the man and agreed to clean his apartment three days a week for $200, according to WiscNews. He then told officers that the two of them were at the apartment at 1:30 a.m. Aug. 26 for Kelly Ziminski to clean. He said that after he waited in the car and his wife went inside, she came out and told him the man had hit and raped her, WiscNews reported.

Joshua further claimed that he went inside just to confront the man and demand the $200 that he had agreed to pay to his wife. To which the guy told them to drive him to an ATM to withdraw the cash.

“He also said the man at one point handed the debit card to him and told him to try to use it,” according to WiscNews.

The Ziminski couple are now being held on $100,000 cash bond with preliminary hearings scheduled for Sept. 23rd.

Joshua Ziminski was the activist who fired the infamous “warning shot” in the air on August 25, 2020 during the Kenosha riots. Kyle Rittenhouse, the volunteer medic present there at the time heard this shot and ran towards the riot zone where he was attacked and forced to use self-defense on three individuals.

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