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BREAKING: Matt Gaetz and House Republicans BLAST Omnibus Spending Bill and RINO Mitch McConnell for Pushing Bill Through

The massive $1.7 billion Omnibus Bill was recently passed by Congress, just days before the GOP is set to take control of the House of Representatives.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was one of the few Republicans who helped push this tremendous bill through and Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz was quick to bash the Minority Leader along with the other Republicans that helped pass the bill.

A letter from Gaetz and 30 Republican House Representatives threatened opposition to the bill and its contents.

“The released legislative text confirmed this omnibus is an assault on the American people. As such, we reiterate that if any omnibus passes in the remaining days of this Congress, we will oppose and whip opposition to any legislative priority of those senators who vote for its passage – including the Republican leader,” the letter began.

The Republicans continued saying they “will oppose any rule, any consent request, suspension voice vote, or roll call vote of any such Senate bill, and will otherwise do everything in our power to thwart even the smallest legislative and policy efforts of those senators.”

“This 4,155-page bill spends $1.7 trillion to further empower the Biden administration’s tyrannical attack on the liberty and security of our constituents, and it must be opposed with any fiber of political fortitude Senate Republicans still have,” the letter continued.

“It will add to our $31 trillion national debt, digging a deeper hole for our children and grandchildren to crawl out of. And because almost every Senate Republican has bloviated about inflation and the national debt at some point in the past two years, a vote for this bill should be viewed as a blatant display of hypocrisy,” the House GOP members declared.

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While some of the funding in this bill does in fact aid problems in the United States, such as those at the southern border, an astounding amount of the bill is going to aid Ukraine.

CNN reported that “The sweeping package includes roughly $45 billion in emergency assistance to Ukraine and NATO allies, boosts in spending for disaster aid, college access, child care, mental health and food assistance, more support for the military and veterans and additional funds for the US Capitol Police.”

This bill is massive and while some of the funds are going to helping issues in our own country, a significant portion is not.

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