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BREAKING: New Yahoo Poll Reveals Shocking Results as Ron DeSantis Takes Lead In Potential 2024 Race Against Trump

New polls are constantly rolling out, trying to predict the 2024 candidates and their Presidential chances. After many polls pointed toward Donald Trump, the new Yahoo News numbers show Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with a 5-point lead over the former President.

Trump announced his Presidential bid in November and soon after, pollsters got to work. At the time of his launch, Trump held a commanding 30-point lead in the Republican Party over DeSantis in the Emerson College poll.

That same day the Quinnipiac University national poll had the two candidates tied at 44% of the vote. The worrying point for Trump was the poll indicated a poor general election outlook, claiming nationwide, the former President’s disapproval rating may be even higher than that of 44% who vote for him.

The updated poll came from Yahoo News, where they gave a 5-point slight edge to the Florida Governor in a potential Republican Primary. This poll had many other interesting statistics about who Democrats and Republicans want as their nominees.

Unsurprisingly, only 22% of people believe Joe Biden should run for reelection in 2024. Kamala Harris seems to be the favorite to replace him as the Democratic representative but none of their candidates have over 20% of the party’s support.

The most interesting theoretical questions came when pinning the potential general election candidates against each other. 

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In 2024 if Joe Biden were to face off against Donald Trump, Biden holds a 2-point edge. If DeSantis were to replace Trump in that scenario, the same result would follow with Biden holding a 2-point edge.

But for the question “Who do you think has a better chance of winning the 2024 general election for president?” Republicans said Trump has a greater chance of winning the presidency than DeSantis by 10 points.

This news all comes in as DeSantis has not yet announced his Presidential bid. The Florida Governor is expected to take that path due to his nationwide support but has not said anything specific to indicate a coming announcement.

It is also worthy of note that 5% of respondents said they would vote for Kanye West in 2024.

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