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Home » BREAKING: Pair of College Wrestlers FIGHT OFF Grizzly Bear in While Antler Hunting Wyoming

BREAKING: Pair of College Wrestlers FIGHT OFF Grizzly Bear in While Antler Hunting Wyoming

Image Credit - NBC News

On Saturday, wrestlers from Northwest College in Wyoming survived an attack from a grizzly bear as Brady Lowry said his teammate fought off the bear to save his life.

The group of wrestlers were antler hunting as Brady Lowry, Kendell Cummings, Orin Jackson, and August Harrison were attacked a few miles west of the Bobcat-Houlihan trailhead. The group split up toward the end of the night as Lowry and Cummings stayed out for a bit longer than the rest.

“I saw bear crap all over, and I looked at Kenny and said, ‘There is a grizzly bear here,’ And right after I said that the bear came out of the willows. It was thick. It came at me and charged me and tackled me off this cliff into this gulley and was going at me for a little bit.”

The description of the attack is shocking.

The attack started with the bear immediately going for Lowry’s arm, latching on and breaking it on impact. 

Cummings then attempted to help by presenting himself as a threat, yelling and distracting the beast. When that failed he used his wrestling skills to join the fight.

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When Cummings joined and hurt the bear, it turned its focus to the wrestler and started chasing him.

“It tackled me, chewed me up a bit, and then when it was done, it wandered off, and I started calling out for Brady to make sure he was alright,” Cummings said.

The group then described the beast wandering off, for no reason, giving up on the attack. The two other members of the group met up with Brady and Cummings and aided them back to the trail.

“I’m just glad we have each other still; glad all four of us walk off that mountain,” Lowry said while sitting next to Cummings in his hospital room. “I don’t think anyone else lesser than a wrestling team with a bond like we have – they wouldn’t have handled it as well as we did.”

Lowry’s dad, Dallas, had an impassioned quote in appreciation for his son’s friend.

“When I showed up here, that whole wrestling team was here; sat with these guys for two days solid,” Dallas said. “That young man over there – Kendell is a hero. Any normal person would have turned and ran, but these bonds that they build in college athletics lasts forever.”

A fundraiser for medical expenses for the pair can be found here.

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