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BREAKING: Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Attacked and Vandalized by Abortion Activist Group Who Threatened the Safety of the Center’s Employees

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On September 16th, an anti-abortion pregnancy resource center in Michigan was brutally vandalized with spray paint and broken windows. Suspicions are that the act may be associated with a national abortion rights group called “Jane’s Revenge.”

The Mother and Unborn Baby Care Center incident is being investigated by Southfield Police and the FBI after messages were left in spray paint that included, “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you.” The vandalizers also signed their death threat “Jane.”

The facility that serves nearly 200 women a year was attacked by two suspects wearing dark clothes and masks as seen on surveillance footage, but police have not been able to identify them, the release said.

Jack McGrath, chairman of MAUBC’s board of directors, indicated he and his team were shaken. “We are saddened by this act of malice,” he said, “and pray that these persons repent.”

McGrath told WJBK, “I think these poor women are very misguided … I pray for them. We all pray for them.”

Regarding staff at the Southfield center, McGrath says the vandalism and the messages concerned them.

“They are nervous about it, but we’re praying and hoping it doesn’t happen again,” McGrath said. “We are going to talk some more about what security we are going to enhance it with.”

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Yahoo News described a similar protest at a facility in New York.

“A small group of protesters gathered on Monday afternoon outside the midtown Manhattan office of Avail NYC, a nonprofit that provides parenting support and services to women who are facing an unintended pregnancy.

“Monday’s protest, dubbed ‘Dance for Abortion,’ was organized by the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council NYC, a group that says it aims to ‘create an alternative, radical form of participatory politics.’

“MACC NYC has been protesting Avail NYC for months, calling the nonprofit a ‘forced pregnancy center’ that ‘does not provide adequate medical care to make informed decisions’ and advocates ‘against having abortions.’

“Avail NYC, which was founded in 1992, is not a medical provider, but provides support to men and women who are facing unexpected pregnancies.”

The overturning of Roe v Wade has caused an extreme uproar in the liberal community, protests and events are happening continuously across the country.

House Republicans have called on the Department of Justice to take action against groups that vandalize or harass pro-life pregnancy resource centers.

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