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BREAKING: St. Louis School Shooting Leaves 2 Dead and 7 Injured; Shooter Killed in Exchange With Police

On Monday, a shooter took the lives of a teenager and a teacher and injured several more at Central Visual & Performing Arts High School in south St. Louis. The gunman was approached by police shortly after and killed during the exchange.

The victims were a 16-year-old girl and a 61-year-old woman who later died at the hospital. Seven other students received gunshot wounds and abrasions but are currently in stable condition at the local hospital. Authorities have not released the names of the woman and the teenage girl who died.

Police Commissioner Michael Sack spoke to the press and provided most of the information related to the shooting, including the message the school is now secure. Sack also applauded the staff for their efforts in stopping the shooting.

“The security staff did an outstanding job identifying the suspect’s efforts to enter and immediately notified other staff and ensured that we were contacted,” Sack said.

“This could have been much worse,” Sack said as he described the call for the shooter came in at 9:11 A.M., and the shooter was down 14 minutes later. Police were alerted as he approached the building from a security officer.

All the doors to the building were locked, Sack noted but failed to further explain how the shooter entered the building.

As the news of horror stories from students and faculty continue to cover headlines, the Police Commissioner attempted to give perspective to the situation.

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“While on paper we might have nine victims, eight who were transported and one remained, we have hundreds of others,” Sack said. “Everyone who survived here is going to take home trauma.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the shooting during a press conference and asked Congress to take action and pass an assault weapons ban.

“Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by today’s senseless violence, particularly those injured and killed, their families as well as the first respondents,” she said. “We need additional action to stop the scourge of gun violence.

“Every day that the Senate fails to send an assault weapons ban to the President’s desk, or waits to take another – other common-sense actions is a day too late for our families and communities impacted by gun violence.”

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