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BREAKING: U.S. Virgin Islands Reach $105 Million Lawsuit With Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate

Image Credit - Photographer: Rick Friedman/Corbis News

The story of Jeffrey Epstein has been one of the most captivating and disgusting scandals to hit the tabloids in this century and as the years go on since it’s revelation people and places that sued Epstein are now receiving settlements.

The U.S. Virgin Islands recently announced that their sex trafficking case against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein has resulted in a $105 million settlement.

The U.S. territory was at the heart of Epstein’s horrendous actions as the proven accusations of him sexually assaulting dozens of underage girls occurred on the two small islands he owned in the U.S Virgin Islands. As part of the settlement, the islands owned by Epstein will be sold.

 Attorney General Denise George responded to the news saying “This settlement restores the faith of the people of the Virgin Islands that its laws will be enforced, without fear or favor, against those who break them.”

AG George met with multiple of Epstein’s alleged victims and said “We owe it to those who were so profoundly hurt to make changes that will help avoid the next set of victims.”

Along with the $1.5 million settlement the estate will also pay $450,000 for damages made to the environment as authorities say on another of Epstein’s islands he destroyed the ruins of historical structures built by slaves in the colonial era.

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Recently, “Victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s disgraced sex trafficking scam filed lawsuits against Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase on Thursday accusing the institutes of facilitating the late pedophile’s illegal sex-trafficking operation,” Raging Americans reported.

The lawsuit alleges that “Deutsche Bank also engaged in repeated acts of racketeering activity to support the Epstein organization. Knowing that they would earn millions of dollars from facilitating Epstein’s sex trafficking, and from its relationship with Epstein, Deutsche Bank chose profit over following the law.”

The acts of Epstein or some of the most evil and disgraceful things to meet the public’s eye in the 21st century and although tragic, it’s great see victims are finally settling lawsuits set forth against the vile man that was Jeffrey Epstein.

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