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BREAKING: Wyoming RINO Liz Cheney Says She Will Leave the GOP if Trump is the 2024 Presidential Candidate

The RINO from Wyoming, Liz Cheney, has vowed to leave the GOP if former President Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

A current Wyoming Republican representative, Cheney is on her way out as she lost her ability to run for re-election after Trump endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman defeated Cheney in the Republican primary.

Many believe Cheney lost her seat due to her averse views of Donald Trump and outright disdain for the former President.

Speaking on her attitudes towards Trump’s possible 2024 run Cheney said, “I’m going to make sure Donald Trump — I’m going to do everything I can to make sure he’s not the nominee. If he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican.”

Cheney compared her situation to that of Abraham Lincoln who was defeated in elections, but rose to the Presidency during the Civil War.

 “The great original champion of our party, Abraham Lincoln, was defeated in elections for the Senate and the house before he won the most important election of all. Lincoln ultimately prevailed. He saved our union and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history,” Cheney remarked.

She also focused on the January 6th protests as reasoning to keep Trump out of office saying “America will never be the same” if the country does not “hold those responsible to account.”

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“At the heart of the attack on January 6, is a willingness to embrace dangerous conspiracies that attack the very core premise of our nation. Our nation is barreling once again toward crisis, lawlessness and violence,” Cheney continued. “No American should support election deniers at any position of genuine responsibility, where their refusal to follow the rule of law will corrupt our future.”

Cheney went on to criticize the former President’s responses to the FBI raid on his home saying, “Trump knows that voicing these conspiracies will provoke violence and threats of violence. This happened on January 6, it is now happening again. It is entirely foreseeable that the violence will escalate further, yet he and others continue, purposely, to feed the danger.”

She calls herself a Republican, yet chastises the man who many see as the face of the GOP. Cheney’s RINO reign is soon coming to an end, but it seems her comments on the character of Donald Trump will not soon stop.

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