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British Commentator FLAMES ‘Woke’ George Floyd Supporters Who Mocked the Mourning of Queen Elizabeth

On Tuesday, a British commentator, spoke with The Daily Wire and vocalized her criticism of the American public reaction to Queen Elizabeth’s passing and remembrance with the simple message summarized as “You mourned George Floyd, let us mourn our beloved Queen.”

Sophie Corcoran stirred a social media storm as she pointed out the American people went through more extreme lengths to remember a fallen criminal than the British will to support their lost crown.

Her famous tweet read:

“Dear Americans who mock us for mourning our beloved queen, 

She dedicated her entire life to her duty and our country even just two days before her death. 

You mourned a man who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman by burning cities to the ground. 

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We are not the same.

Our head of state served the country and did her job gracefully ensuring a peaceful transition of power just two days before her death aged 96! 

Your current head of state, can’t even walk up the stairs without falling over or get through a sentence.

Maybe I should go on @TuckerCarlson and educate the woke Americans.”

Corcoran is quite the political commentator herself, amassing almost 130k twitter followers, as well as writing for multiple publications throughout the years. She also has made many television appearances mainly on the Sky News network.

This tweet launched quite the discussion, forcing many to compare the post Floyd death riots that killed at least 25 people and caused as much as $2 billion in damages across America, according to estimates, to the Queen of England passing.

The Daily Wire also commented on Corcoran’s current ambitions as an outspoken supporter of the state of Israel:

Corcoran has previously made waves for her staunch support of the state of Israel. In June 2021, she wrote a column for the Jewish Telegraph explaining her support for the Jewish state.

“I don’t have to be Jewish and I don’t have to be Israeli to know it is the right thing to do,” she wrote. “Why wouldn’t I support the only democracy in the Middle East’s right to exist?”

Corcoran’s backing of Israel has subjected her to threats and abuse because “the Instagram culture of woke, poorly informed infographics” prompts ill-informed people to deny the Jewish State’s right to exist,” she wrote. 

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