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BYE BYE BIDEN! Top GOP Leaders Declare President Biden Has ‘Met the Requirement’ for Impeachment to be Voted On

With the 2024 midterm elections only a few short weeks away, Democrats look to be in trouble as polls show the signs of a red wave that will touch every state in the country.

If Republicans see this come to light it is expected that they will take control of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

A move that many Republicans are hoping for if power is regained is the impeachment of President Biden. Many Republicans have said this is a serious possibility if they succeed in taking over the House and Senate. Texas Republican Ted Cruz said in January that there are “multiple grounds” for impeaching the current President.

Speaking on the Democrats’ impeachment of Donald Trump Cruz said, “They used it for partisan purposes to go after Trump because they disagreed with him.” Cruz continued saying, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

To determine if impeachment is the right choice, Rep. Ken Buck said that the House Judiciary Committee would “hold the hearings to determine whether impeachment is appropriate. We’ll vote on impeachment. And then it will be presented to the full House.”

Democrats attempted to impeach a former President Donald Trump, and now the January 6th trial is another attempt to limit Trump’s ability to take office. 

Just The News founder John Solomon spoke with Republican Rep. Lance Gooden from Texas who said, “I really believe that impeachment could be on the table. And I would support that, certainly,”

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“The bar was so low to impeach President Trump. And even if the bar were raised exponentially, I believe that President Biden has met that requirement. What we’re seeing at the border is not just criminal, but it is immoral. The fact that our United States government is putting its own citizens behind those of other nations, and also encouraging human trafficking,” he continued.

In American history only three Presidents have been impeached. Andrew Johnson in February of 1868, Bill Clinton in December of 1998, and most recently Donald Trump in January of 2021.

These three Presidents were impeached by the House but not in the Senate as the attempt fell short of votes. Of all Presidents Richard Nixon is the only one who would have likely been impeached in both chambers of Congress but he resigned before the final judgement could be made.

It is a fair possibility that if Republicans take control of both the House and the Senate we could see the first full impeachment of a U.S. President. 

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