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Home » ‘Did You Approve Hidden State Censorship?’; Elon Musk Puts Adam Schiff in a MAJOR Pickle After New Information is Revealed

‘Did You Approve Hidden State Censorship?’; Elon Musk Puts Adam Schiff in a MAJOR Pickle After New Information is Revealed

Ever since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, major collusion between the Democratic Party, the deep state, and private social media companies have been established. Many theories that most conservatives were already familiar with have been proven true and the D.C. swamp has been exposed more than it ever was.

California Democrat Congressman, Rep. Adam Schiff is a major player in the D.C. swamp and the deep state. Elon Musk this month called out Rep. Schiff and demanded to know if he was aware of the “hidden state censorship” while serving as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

“As (outgoing) Chair of House Intelligence, did you approve hidden state censorship in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States @RepAdamSchiff?” Musk tweeted Tuesday, just days after the California Congressman threatened to repeal Section 230 if big-tech companies, especially Twitter did not follow his censorship guidelines.

“We should absolutely take aim at that and other anti-competitive actions of Big Tech, and I think we’ve got a big problem right now with social media companies and their failure to moderate content and the explosion of hate on Twitter, the banning of journalists on Twitter,” Schiff said in his weekend Sunday with CNN’s “State of the Union” hosted by Jake Tapper.

Independent journalist Michael Shellenberger reported this month that the FBI paid Twitter more than $3.5 million between October 2019 to February 2021 as a reimbursement reward to comply with multiple censorship requests.

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After the release of the first batch of the Twitter Files, Musk fired Twitter’s senior counsel James Baker, a former FBI lawyer who previously approved unconstitutional surveillance on Trump campaign aide Carter Page based on a phony Steele Dossier. Baker following his FBI career joined Twitter and was one of the key decision-makers in suspending the New York Post report on Hunter Biden’s laptop in the months leading to the 2020 election.

As of publishing this story, it is unclear what knowledge Adam Schiff had about the FBI’s collusion with Twitter and if he played an acting role in the government-private company collusion.

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