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Home » Donald Trump Makes Crowd GO CRAZY With Eight Simple Words About a 2024 Presidential Run; ‘We May Have to Do It Again’

Donald Trump Makes Crowd GO CRAZY With Eight Simple Words About a 2024 Presidential Run; ‘We May Have to Do It Again’


Former President Donald Trump told fellow Republicans at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas, “the time is coming” for him to make a formal announcement about his next bid for the White House. He believes “people are going to be very happy” with his upcoming decision.

“We may have to do it again,” Trump proclaimed as the crowd erupted.

“If I stayed home, the persecution of Donald Trump would stop immediately, but I can’t do that because I love my country and I love the people,” he said. “America’s comeback begins this November, and it will continue onward with the unstoppable momentum that we are going to develop in November 2024.” 

The former President said that November midterms need to be “a national referendum on the horrendous catastrophes radical Democrats have inflicted in our country.

“Our country has never been at a worse point,” he continued.

“They gave away $85 billion worth of equipment, dead soldiers, you still have Americans over there probably as hostages, eventually will be hostages, there has never been a time like this.”

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The GOP “needs to campaign on a clear pledge that if they are given power, they’re going to fight with everything that they had to shut down the border, stop the crime wave, beat inflation and hold the Biden administration accountable,” Trump continued.

Trump went on attacking Democrats over a nearly two hour speech. The criticisms were wide ranging as he attacked men participating in female sporting events saying “We will keep men out of women’s sports.”

The 45th and possibly future President boasted his physical fitness as he praised his doctor Ronny Jackson saying, “He loved looking at my body. It was so strong, powerful. But he said I’m the healthiest president that’s ever lived. I was the healthiest. I said, I like this guy.”

Finally, Trump was sternly asked when he is going to announce his running for President in 2024 and his response was very enlightening.

“Well, if I’m gonna announce, I’ll have to make a decision, is it going to be…? You know, two words: Is it before or after? And there are reasons for both. Some very good things about earlier. There’s some very good things about later. 

The way I look at it is if I announce early and we do well, I’ll get credit for having done well — as much as you’ll get ’cause the press won’t give you credit anyway. If I do poorly, I’ll get absolutely… It’ll be horrible. But if I announce later and we do well, I won’t get any criticized,” he said.

I’ll make a decision fairly soon. And my… I must tell you — and I think I can say this — in my mind, I’ve already made the decision.”

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