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Donald Trump Says He Hasn’t Ruled Out Ron DeSantis as a Running Mate in The 2024 Presidential Election


Former President Donald Trump recently came out saying that he isn’t ruling out Gov. of Florida Ron DeSantis as a potential running mate in the 2024 presidential election.

During an interview on Thursday with Newsmax’s Rob Finnerty, Trump talked about the possibility of Ron DeSantis running alongside him in a potential presidential run in 2024. Trump informed Finnerty of the good relationship he has with DeSantis saying “Well, I get along with him. I was very responsible for his success, because I endorsed him and he went up like a rocket ship.”

The Hill further reported on the possibility saying:

Trump has hinted for more than a year and a half that he could mount another presidential campaign after losing reelection to President Biden in 2020. But DeSantis has also emerged as a possible contender for the GOP nomination as his national profile among Republicans has swelled in recent years.

While DeSantis has played off speculation about a 2024 presidential bid as a false narrative, he’s also declined on multiple occasions to rule out a run, even if Trump ultimately decides to launch a comeback campaign.

Behind closed doors, Trump has complained about DeSantis’s rumored political ambitions. Still, both men have insisted they have a good relationship, and the two were seen talking at a wedding in April at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla.

While the possibility of Trump’s 2024 presidential run looms, longtime Republican strategist Rick Wilson of Florida said, “I’ve picked up the same rumors that everybody else is hearing that Ron DeSantis’s people are practically picking out curtains in the White House,” following the Jan. 6th testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson.

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Wilson continued saying, “DeSantis has been very carefully building out a presidential campaign for 2024 to primary Donald Trump, raising money, building relationships, going out there and quietly whispering: ‘He’s crazy, I’m not, I’m younger, I’m smarter, I’m thinner, I’m better looking. I can deliver more for you than the crazy old orange guy.’”

While there is a possibility of Trump and DeSantis running together in the 2024 election, it is also a strong possibility that the two will face off for the 2024 Republican bid.