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EXPOSE THEM ALL! Elon Musk to Release Internal Twitter Discussions of Hunter Biden Story Censorship in 2020

Twitter’s new President, Elon Musk, assured Americans that he would make public the behind-the-scenes conversations and decision-making at Twitter that was responsible for censoring the New York Post’s bombshell report on Hunter Biden’s infamous abandoned laptop and the disturbing contents that were very recently verified by the mainstream media after two years of its origin.

Turning Point USA ambassador and Executive Producer of Newsman’s The Benny Report show, Alex Lorusso, wrote on his recently restored Twitter, “Raise your hand if you think @ElonMusk should make public all internal discussions about the decision to censor the @NYPost’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 Election in the interest of Transparency.” To which Musk replied, “This is necessary to restore public trust.”

The New York Post published a bombshell report on October 14, 2020, just weeks prior to the 2020 Presidential Election exposing contents of the Hunter Biden laptop that revealed the Biden family’s ties with the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, and Joe Biden’s illegal use of his then-Vice Presidential influence to drop investigations into the company. The Post also exposed that Joe Biden held up to $1 billion in U.S. funds to hold Ukraine hostage until an investigation against Burisma was dropped.

Just weeks prior to the 2020 election, Twitter and Facebook censored the New York Post’s reporting, labeling it “potentially harmful” and blocked the content when shared by its users.

Many mainstream media publications at the time alleged that the report was part of a “Russian Disinformation” campaign and discredited the Post’s reporting.

Just recently, after nearly two years of the report’s publication, outlets like the New York Times, CNN, and CBS News have authenticated the report that they once discredited, potentially influencing the results of the presidential election.

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Elon Musk’s commitment to restore the public’s trust in mainstream institutions and expose key decision makers in the Twitter team responsible for the mass censorship is causing outrage amongst many prominent liberals. However, this move would reveal the decision-making process and help hold people accountable.

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