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Home » Former California Democrat Destroys Liberal Perception of Immigration Saying Latinos Support Shipping of Immigrants to Democrat Run Cities

Former California Democrat Destroys Liberal Perception of Immigration Saying Latinos Support Shipping of Immigrants to Democrat Run Cities

On Friday, Democrat and Former Majority Leader of the California State Senate Gloria Romero wrote a scathing attack on the Democrat’s perception of the border crisis and included her support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Romero’s piece on the Daily Mail detailed her support of DeSantis and dissent towards Democrats.

“I am a Democrat and the former Majority Leader of the California State Senate. The first woman to ever hold that position. I am also a proud Latina. I am telling you that if the Democratic party thinks that Latinos are outraged by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard – they are dead wrong!

“On Friday, the governor of Massachusetts dispatched the National Guard to whisk away these 50 migrants to a military base in Cape Cod that once housed hurricane disaster victims.

“But what about the hundreds of migrants sleeping on the street of El Paso, Texas? Or the countless other migrants, sleeping outside in cities and towns across the U.S./Mexico border?

“Overwhelming rural, poor, and largely Latino communities along the southern border are expected to absorb the costs of unprecedented migratory streams in a wide-open border, but Martha’s Vineyard cannot?

“This Democratic stronghold — where the Obamas now reside — couldn’t stomach having 50 brown migrants in their midst without declaring an emergency and shipping them out of town within 24 hours. Liberals want open borders – just not in their immaculate backyards.

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“While smug liberals and virtue-signaling progressives pretend that their immigration policies are ‘compassionate,’ Latinos know they are just cruel, naked politics. 

“Good for Governor DeSantis, and Governor Greg Abbott in Texas and Governor Doug Ducey in Arizona for sending this powerful message by making Democrats shoulder their ‘fair share’ of the burden of a broken immigration system.”

Romero continued attacking the Biden administration’s policies, claiming that the new border laws have made it an ideal time for illegals to try and cross the border.

“According to their report three human smugglers told Reuters they have been encouraging parents to send their children to the U.S.-Mexico border alone due to the shift in U.S. policy.

‘It’s good to take advantage of the moment, because children are able to pass quickly,’ Daniel, a Guatemalan smuggler told the news outlet. ‘That’s what we’re telling everyone,’” she detailed.

She then concluded by showing her support for her community and her country and just wanting what’s best.

“We love our country, value citizenship, want a fair immigration system, and protected by secure borders on all shores. There’s nothing ‘racist’ about that. Good for you DeSantis – keep the flights coming.

If they won’t go to the border, bring the border to them.”

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