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Home » Former CNN News Anchor Chris Cuomo Denounces Democrats For Calling All Trump Supporters Racists

Former CNN News Anchor Chris Cuomo Denounces Democrats For Calling All Trump Supporters Racists

Former CNN Host Chris Cuomo has been having trouble staying out of media attention lately.

In his most recent upheaval to get back into the media cycle, the disgraced news anchor is not supporting Democrats with current uncalled-for threats against Trump supporters.

Cuomo was even complimenting Trump supporters as he got into it with a Twitter user.

A leftist implied that Trump supporters “demonize immigrants, Jews, African Americans and anyone who isn’t ‘Christian’ by their standards.”

Cuomo, with some time away from the corporate media and living an almost normal American way of life, responded.

“I think you need to look more OFF twitter/social media,” he advised. “This place is not reality. It is an exaggeration that caters to fringe and those who profit from it.”

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Cuomo retweeted CNN Politics about the former president, “I’m just not going to leave’: Trump repeatedly insisted he wouldn’t leave the White House after his election loss, a new book by New York times reporter Maggie Haberman reveals.”

Cuomo replied, “Does this matter? Yes – in the pursuit of justice, which is happening aggressively by most accounts. However – do dems win more votes by chasing trump or catering to hopes and fears of those who were disaffected/desperate enough to vote for him?

Cuomo was having a fun day on Twitter as he replied to another radical communist who assumes all Trump supporters, “just also happened to be racist and xenophobic.”

“Some. Not all,” Cuomo corrected. “You are overstating and it hurts your ability to expand reach. Yang says many of this nee supporters are former trump voters. Why didn’t Dems get them? Maybe because you demise all who voted for him.”

The Daily Wire reported:

Cuomo, 51 told (hyperlink) Bill Maher on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” over the summer that he felt like he lost “a sense of purpose” after getting fired from CNN last year as the far-Left network investigated his involvement in helping his brother, then-Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), navigate a sexual misconduct scandal.

“This is my brother, obviously I’m not objective. Obviously, I’m going to help him,” Cuomo told Maher. “This has been hard, and you learn a lot about the people in your life when you watch them struggle. It’s true, when you struggle, you learn who your friends are. I’ve always known who my friends are; I’ve had them for a very long time. But he has been in a struggle, and I have watched it.”

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