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Fox News Host Leo Terrell Calls for Congressional Investigation Into BLM’s Exploitation of the Black Community

Civil rights attorney and Fox News contributor Leo Terrell said that Congress and state officials should investigate the organization known as Black Lives Matter regarding their misuse of donated funds and misleading the black community. 

Conservative Brief reported the story as Terrell believes the investigation should target the misuse of around $90 million donated to BLM after former Global Network Foundation leader Patrisse Cullors claimed that any allegations about a misuse of the funds was untrue. 

On the talk show Fox and Friends, Terrell said that “They use their color to exploit and this is very important: corporations handed them this money. So what needs to happen is congressional hearings.”

Terrell continued saying, “Every state in this country, the attorney general needs to call them in. Basically, they need to sell all those homes and return the money because they have done nothing for the Black community at all. It is a game. They have schemed the Black community and they received over $90 million.”

Terrell is referring to previous reports that stated the founders and leaders of BLM, including Patrisse Cullors, have purchased multi-million dollar homes and properties the past few years using donations made out to BLM.

The most recent purchase by BLM leaders was a $6 million home in California.

The New York Post reported on the situation.

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“Black Lives Matter bought a swanky Southern California home for nearly $6 million using donation cash, according to a report…

“Three leaders of the social justice movement — Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah — recorded a video last June outside the ‘secretly bought’ home while marking the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, New York magazine reported.

“Cullors at the time said she was weeks removed from being in ‘survival mode’ after The Post’s exclusive reporting in April revealed her purchase of four high-end US homes for $3.2 million.”

It is speculated that the funds used to purchase these homes were from donations made to BLM. An investigation into the leaders of BLM would tell us just how much of donors’ money they used for personal gain. 

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