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Home » Frequent Liberal Media Guest Accuses Christians of Performing ‘Nazi Salute’ While Joining in Prayer at Doug Mastriano Campaign Event

Frequent Liberal Media Guest Accuses Christians of Performing ‘Nazi Salute’ While Joining in Prayer at Doug Mastriano Campaign Event

Progressive lawyer and frequent CNN and MSNBC guest, Tristan Snell, is famously known for prosecuting the now-defunct Trump University. Snell took to Twitter this week labeling a Christian prayer gesture a “nazi salute.”

“Yes, this is a Nazi salute, at a Doug Mastriano campaign event in Pennsylvania. In 2022. Democracy is literally on the ballot in November,” he tweeted this week with a video allegedly taken at a campaign event of Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Doug Mastriano.

The video shows attendees raising their hands in prayer.

Snell thought that he would own the conservative voters supporting Doug Mastriano at a campaign rally by labeling all of them “nazi’s,” a strategy often used by far-left radicals to defame any opposing views. The video shows an attendee on stage telling a story of early American settlers and leading the audience in a prayer.

In the video, the person on stage asks the crowd to raise their right arm and then lower it as he talks about Gettysburg and praying for victory. Which is a usual practice in many churches, but the ignorance of Snell led to comparisons of the action to Nazi salutes.

Colonel Doug Mastriano who served U.S. Army from 1988 to 2017 is the incumbent Pennsylvania State Senator from the state’s 33 districts. He is running for the state’s governor’s office against the incumbent Democrat Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro. Mastriano is endorsed by President Trump, and hence, often falsely labeled by many far-left radical outlets as a “nazi.”

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Mastriano has proposed several election reform policies, including eliminating no-excuse absentee and mail-in voting, drop boxes, enacting universal voter identification and prohibiting the use of private donations or grants for election administration.

Mastriano is also an America First conservative, or “MAGA Republican,” like the Biden administration and most of his Democrat allies like to call Trump-supporting Republicans. Following the historic Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Mastriano proposed legislation that would make abortion illegal the moment a fetal heartbeat is detected.

He has also made many establishment players upset by proposing to revoke all vaccine and mask mandates in the state on his first day in office.

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