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Home » GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Portland Antifa Activist FINALLY Arrested and Charged With Felony Robbery, Assault, and More!

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Portland Antifa Activist FINALLY Arrested and Charged With Felony Robbery, Assault, and More!

Alissa Eleanor Azar, a member of the Portland Antifa, was recently arrested and was charged with multiple felonies in connection to a violent robbery.

Her charges include Robbery II, a class B felony; Robbery III, a class C felony; Theft II, a class A misdemeanor; Assault III, a class C felony; and tampering with physical evidence, a class A misdemeanor.

As of publishing this article, the Portland Police Department has not disclosed specific details about this arrest. Independent journalist Chelly Bouferrache witnessed an incident in downtown Portland on August 27, 2022. Azar’s charges may stem from Bouferrache’s reporting of this incident.

Bouferrache reported that Azar was a part of a masked Antifa group that violently assaulted street preachers in front of the Saturday market. The group then assaulted a live streamer who was filming the violent interaction. Antifa is known for its violent attacks on journalists who are attempting to document and report on Antifa gatherings.

“[The videographer] got jumped by some Antifa in masks and dropped his phone which landed between my feet,” Bouferrache told The Post Millennial. “As I reached down to grab it Alissa Azar snatched it up and refused to give it back when I asked for it. Then she walked off with it.”

Azar, who identifies herself as a journalist, is a well-known Antifa member. She has often expressed her support for Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad.

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She also operates an OnlyFans account that reportedly averages over $23,000 in monthly revenue.

She had recently announced that she lost custody of her child after allegations of her endangering her child through her violent extremist activists. She wrote in a Mastodon post that the court’s arguments “were all revolving around my involvement with antifascism and my criminal trial, with a sprinkle of misogyny.”

She was previously charged in 2021 with felony riot, two misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct in the second degree, and unlawful use of stun gun, tear gas, or mace in the second degree in connection to June 2021.

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