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Home » GOP Senator Josh Hawley OBLITERATES the FBI and DOJ; Calls for Resignation of AG Garland and FBI Director Wray

GOP Senator Josh Hawley OBLITERATES the FBI and DOJ; Calls for Resignation of AG Garland and FBI Director Wray

Since the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence the FBI and Department of Justice has seen scrutiny like never before.

Many believe that the Biden administration has weaponized these organizations to target their political opponents in the Republican party. While these are only speculations, it hasn’t stopped top Republicans from voicing their opinions on the leaders of the FBI and DOJ.

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley recently appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show “Hannity” and discussed the Department of Justice and FBI “abusing” their power to attack conservative opponents.

“Let me ask you this — are these whistleblowers talking about people within the FBI protecting the Biden family, and more specifically Hunter Biden and the information on his laptop? Are these whistleblowers also talking about the large extent of investigations into parents that speak out at school board meetings? Are these whistleblowers out there talking about how if there’s anything Donald Trump there’s a separate system of justice in the Department of Justice, are they saying those things?” Hannity asked his guest.

“I think we’re seeing all of the above, Sean. And I can just tell you, from the whistleblowers that I’ve seen from Senator Grassley who have come to him about how the FBI is being abused, how this Justice Department is using it to go after Trump, how they’re using it to try to shield Hunter Biden, we’ve had whistleblowers come forward and say the Biden administration lied about the Afghan refugees that we actually have hundreds, hundreds of potential terrorists in this country because they didn’t vet the Afghan refugees, they brought them into the country and just released them,” said Hawley.

“We’ve had — we’ve had whistleblowers come forward about how DHS lied about the disinformation board. It’s across the board, Sean. I mean, we’re seeing this in all the different agencies and the consistent theme is the Biden people are abusing the law, they’re abusing the procedures and they’re doing it to go after their political opponents. They’re doing it to try to cover their own tracks and it’s wrong,” he continued.

Hannity then asked, “Do you think Director Wray the FBI and do you think the attorney general are up to their job?”

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“No, no, they both — neither of them are. Both of them should go. They should both have resigned a long time ago. They should have been fired. And as to the attorney general, I believe that he should be removed if he will not step down,” Hawley responded.

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