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HILARIOUS! CNN’s Jim Acosta at a Loss After Being LOCKED OUT of Twitter Account for Violating New Policy 

CNN host Jim Acosta recently had his Twitter account suspended after the social media introduced new policies that a tweet from Acosta violated. 

Along with gaining his notoriety as a cable news host, Acosta became popular for clashing with Donald Trump while he was in the Oval Office. 

Following his suspension, Acosta was interviewed by Insider columnist Linette Lopez whose Twitter account was also suspended recently.

During the interview Acosta said he woke up to the suspension and one of his “tweets was found to have violated Twitter’s new rule about promoting other sites.” later adding that he is “still trying to sort it out.”

“What people really need to understand about what’s happening at Twitter now, is that it’s being run by Elon’s feelings, and not by any thought about the business model,” Lopez said to Acosta during the conversation.

“It’s almost as if his id is spilling out all over the internet and on Twitter,” she continued.

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The change happened seemingly overnight as on December 18th Twitter support said, “We recognize that many of our users are active on other social media platforms. However, we will no longer allow free promotion of certain social media platforms on Twitter.”

“Specifically, we will remove accounts created solely for the purpose of promoting other social platforms and content that contains links or usernames for the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr and Post,” the statement continued.

The suspensions of Lopez and Acosta come less than a week after Twitter suspended journalists from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN for violating Twitter’s doxing policies.

Raging Americans reported on the suspensions saying, “CNN’s politics and tech correspondent Donie O’Sullivan, The New York Times technology reporter Ryan Mac, The Washington Post’s technology reporter Drew Harwell, Mashable’s tech reporter Matt Binder, The Intercept tech reporter Micah Lee, Voice of America’s chief national correspondent Steve Herman, journalist Aaron Rupar, and sports and political commentator Keith Olbermann were some of the notable left-wing accounts to be suspended on Thursday for violating the Twitter Rules.”

These journalists have since been reinstated, but it shows that Elon Musk is serious about making big changes to the social media platform, one that the “Twitter Files” has shown to be corrupt for years.

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