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Home » Home Economics Needs to be Reinstituted in American Schools to Teach Basic Life Skills to Students

Home Economics Needs to be Reinstituted in American Schools to Teach Basic Life Skills to Students

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Home economics is a class taught in schools to give students basic life skills like cooking or doing laundry. This class has disappeared from the curriculum and replaced with classes geared toward higher test scores encouraging students to go to college.

TikTok is currently serving as that outlet for kids as cooking lessons, financial literacy, and do-it-yourself household tasks have grown successfully on the platform. The demand for the younger generation to be educated on these topics is clear and the solution exists in the form of a Home Ec resurgence.

The class was a nationwide phenomenon and now only educates a million or so students across the country, down from five million 15 years ago and tens of millions only decades prior.

The class focused on household activities that were societally reserved for women, but with more women in the workforce, more men are expected to perform these basic tasks.

College students are more abundant than ever, as more than 20 million kids are going to University now. These students are more in need of this basic life skill education than anyone as they are living on their own from the age of 18.

Unfortunately, many professors have been quoted saying that although teaching their students these skills would be nice, the school is focusing on improving student’s test scores more than anything so they may further their education.

“In higher ed, there is definitely an air of: ‘How does this develop marketable skills?’ Which, it seems, has trickled down into the K-to-12 arena,” said Brett Murphy of Brett E. Murphy Tutoring & Consulting told Fox News. “Teaching to the test and metrics have never been more important, and sewing and cooking don’t qualify.”

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To add to the issue, there is a teacher drought that is an extreme problem throughout every part of this country.

EdWeek explained the problem saying, “The pandemic has exacerbated teacher shortages in many regions and content areas, but the problem is not new: Enrollment in teacher-preparation programs has declined by more than a third over the past decade.”

“Experts say a combination of low pay, poor working conditions, and a lack of public respect has deterred people from pursuing a career in the classroom. Teacher morale has declined since the pandemic, too, worsening the public perception of the job.”

Home economics is a course that could help a lot in this country, but with a lack of vocal support and a shortage in the workplace, TikTok will be teaching our kids basic life skills for years to come. 

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