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Home » HUGE LOSS: For Don Lemon as CNN Morning Show Debut Gets Worse Ratings Than the Show it Replaced and Finished Third in Cable News Ratings

HUGE LOSS: For Don Lemon as CNN Morning Show Debut Gets Worse Ratings Than the Show it Replaced and Finished Third in Cable News Ratings

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Don Lemon has had a tough go of it recently as he was removed from his primetime show and placed on a morning program as CNN is making changes to provide more centrist and unbiased news.

Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza tweeted, “Don Lemon has been demoted from a primetime CNN show that hardly anyone watches to a morning show that no one watches. I guess this is pretty much the same as taking him off the air. Nice move, Chris Licht, and we can’t wait to find out who’s next!”

While Lemon says he “was not demoted,” it sure seems he was as his first appearance on “CNN This Morning” garnered less views than the show it is replacing despite heavy promotion from CNN.

Forbes reported on the show’s debut and it’s counterparts in the industry.

“Tuesday’s debut of CNN’s revamped morning show, CNN This Morning, slumped to a third-place finish in the cable news ratings, drawing an average audience of 387,000 viewers between 6 and 9 a.m. ET, according to ratings data compiled by Nielsen. That means the months-in-the-making new show—backed by significant promotion—actually did worse on its first morning than the show it replaced, the ratings-starved New Day, which in its last year averaged 414,000 viewers.

“CNN This Morning trailed Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, which had a total audience Tuesday of 1.452 million viewers, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe, which delivered a total audience of 793,000 viewers. Among viewers 25-54, the key demographic valued by advertisers, Fox & Friends was first with 236,000 viewers, followed by Morning Joe (114,000 viewers) and CNN This Morning (71,000 viewers).”

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CNN continues to struggle but their conservative counterpart Fox News is doing better than ever as the network reported great success for their morning show.

“FNC’s signature morning show FOX & Friends (weekdays, 6-9 AM/ET) finished October with 1.4 million viewers and 211,000 in the demo, easily outpacing CNN’s New Day in its final month and MSNBC’s Morning Joe combined across both categories.

“In fact, the program beat every offering on CNN in total viewers and in the 25-54 demo.

“FOX & Friends continues to make its mark as the number one cable news program in the mornings in both categories for the 19th consecutive month.”

Don Lemon keeps taking losses as his new show is proving to be a failure, and while he isn’t out yet, this could be an indication of his future with the network.

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