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HUGE WIN: Caroline Harris Becomes the Youngest Republican Woman to Serve in Texas State House After Securing Midterm Victory

28-year-old Republican, Caroline Harris secured a massive victory in the 52nd Texas District for a State House seat by defeating her Democrat challenger, Luis Echegaray, by a 12-point margin and became the youngest Republican woman to ever serve in the Texas State House of Representatives.

Harris, who made property taxes, border security, pro-life, and parental rights primary issues of her campaign managed to secure overwhelming support from the recently re-districted 52nd district. Meanwhile, her Democrat challenger ran on immigration reform, gun control, supporting abortion, and improving infrastructure.

“We pulled off a victory through hard work and sheer grit, effective messaging, and a grassroots army of volunteers energized and excited to flip this seat from Democrat to Republican,” Harris told Fox News Digital.

Harris was endorsed by groups like the Texas Right to Life, Texas Values Action, and the incumbent Republican Governor, Greg Abbott.

“Caroline Harris is a lifelong conservative. Her experience working for conservative priorities with the Legislature will give her constituents a proven fighter with strong pro-life and Second Amendment credentials. I urge everyone in House District 52 to support Caroline Harris,” Gov. Abbott said in a statement endorsing Harris.

Harris was also supported by the non-profit organization, Run Gen-Z, which is dedicated to “preparing Generation Z leaders to take action, take charge and take control of the future by supporting the vision of the founders of this country and supporting conservative political values such as limited government, free market capitalism, individual responsibility and fiscal restraint.”

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“It is important for my generation to have a seat at the table in determining the public policy decisions that will shape the future of our state and nation,” Harris told Fox News Digital. “For too long, the Democrat Party has claimed to be the voice of young women. I look forward to providing a strong counter voice on behalf of conservative women of all ages. I want to show young women how to safeguard and champion the principles that we as Americans hold so dear through public policy.”

Harris, a former policy director for Republican State Senator Bryan Hughes was responsible for introducing prominent legislation like the Fetal Heartbeat Bill, and anti-CRT legislation.

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