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HUGE WIN: Fox News Dan Bongino OBLITERATES Liberal Competition Securing #1 Place in Viewership in Cable News Ratings


One of the most prolific and popular Fox News hosts Dan Bongino recently received incredible news as his show ranked number one in cable TV ratings on Jan. 14th.

The Fox News host accumulated a remarkable 1.19 million total viewers in the 9 p.m. Eastern time slot. During the same time slot CNN garnered a measly 219,000 with MSNBC narrowly edging them out securing 315,000 viewers. 

Bongino most recently made headlines when he went off on President Biden and the left for continuing to say the country is doing better than it really is.

On an episode of “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino,” the conservative host held nothing back telling his viewers exactly how he feels.

There’s multiple universes there too, in the Biden White House. These guys are full of crap all the time. There’s the real universe and there’s the full-of-crap universe. That’s the Biden universe. Real, full of crap; real, full of crap. So they’re full of crap on inflation. You ever see this guy Biden? He’s always chatting about inflation as if he did something to stop it with the Inflation Reduction Act or whatever. 

So he gives a speech today talking about how Republicans, if they get in office, are going to make inflation worse, which is really weird because inflation was 1.2% year over year before this guy took office.

It’s now seven points higher. Does he ever tell the truth? The Wall Street Journal covered this. And then he said, ‘You know, we had to print a whole bunch of money to inflate and inflate away the dollar.’ Why? ‘Because the economy needed help.’ Actually, that’s not right either, there, Joe B. The economy was growing at about 6% GDP annualized before you got in office, and now we’re shrinking.

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The numbers don’t lie. Americans are more interested in the viewpoints Fox News hosts present and while the Biden administration is seemingly disseminating false information to the country, the conservative hosts at the country’s leading cable news network are not taking any breaks to correct the nation’s leader.

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