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Home » HUGE WIN: GOP Governor Kristi Noem Secures MASSIVE Victory Over Planned Parenthood as Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Life

HUGE WIN: GOP Governor Kristi Noem Secures MASSIVE Victory Over Planned Parenthood as Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Life

Image Credit - The Sun

Following the monumental Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v Wade giving states the power to regulate abortion, legislation from both sides has spurred in many states advocating for and against pro-life regulations.

Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, recently came out on the winning side of a battle with Planned Parenthood as the 8th United States Circuit Court of Appeals backed a pro-life law and threw out a lower court’s injunction against the law. The appeals court also blocked Planned Parenthood’s attempts to stop the pro-life law from going into action.

“After review of the filings, this appeal is dismissed, and the preliminary injunction is vacated,” the ruling stated.

To win this battle Kristi Noem worked with The American Center for Law and Justice(ACLJ) to develop a strong argument against Planned Parenthood. 

The ACLJ responded to the appeals court decision favorably. 

“Like so many abortion cases, this one started with Planned Parenthood challenging a state statute regulating abortion. While the case has been in court since May 2011, the litigation now focuses on one particular requirement: that women considering abortion first visit a pregnancy health center (PHC) before consenting to abortion.

“Planned Parenthood says the requirement is unconstitutional, and a federal district court judge in South Dakota granted a preliminary injunction against the requirement a month after the case was first filed. Pro-life PHCs intervened to defend the law, and what followed was nearly a decade of litigation, including a slew of motions, discovery (examining witnesses and documents), evidentiary declarations, and several amendments to the South Dakota statutes.

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“Finally, in December 2020, the state officials and the PHCs filed a joint motion to dissolve the injunction against the third-party counseling requirement. The district court denied that motion in August 2021, and the state officials and the PHCs all appealed.

“That’s when Governor Kristi Noem, along with state Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg and two other state officials, retained a team of ACLJ attorneys . . . to represent the state defendants on appeal.

“This is a key victory for life. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs, overruling the abortion right created in Roe v. Wade and modified in PP v. Casey, and in light of Planned Parenthood’s expressed desire to abandon its lawsuit in the South Dakota case, the Eighth Circuit has summarily vacated the preliminary injunction against the South Dakota law that we were helping the state defend and has dismissed the appeal.”

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