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Home » HUGE WIN: Hometown Newspaper of Democrat John Fetterman Endorses Republican Opponent Dr. Oz as Midterms Near

HUGE WIN: Hometown Newspaper of Democrat John Fetterman Endorses Republican Opponent Dr. Oz as Midterms Near

Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz is in a heated race for the Pennsylvania Senate with Democrat John Fetterman and a local newspaper just endorsed one of the candidates causing parties to fear for their future.

This race has been covered heavily by the media as the candidate for the Democrat party, John Fetterman, suffered a stroke on May 13, 2022 which has caused many to speculate on whether Fetterman has fully recovered and is fit to hold office.

Another reason for the race’s coverage is due to Republican candidate Mehmet Oz being a TV personality turned attempted politician who along with that is backed by former President Donald Trump, an endorsement that causes many standing political figures and members of the media to disapprove of Dr. Oz.

During a recent debate between the two Senate candidates, Fetterman was noticeably stumbling over his words and while this can happen, it caused many to consider these gaffes being a result of his recent stroke.

While Democrat candidate Fetterman is struggling in the eyes of the media, Dr. Oz recently received an endorsement from Fetterman’s hometown newspaper.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article detailed their reasoning for supporting Mehmet Oz.

“During Tuesday’s debate, after hundreds of thousands of votes had already been cast, voters finally learned something about where the candidates stood. They learned, among other things, that Mr. Oz opposes federal intervention in abortion rights, and Mr. Fetterman supports the broader Constitutional guarantees provided by the overturned Roe v. Wade decision. They learned Mr. Fetterman supports a federally mandated $15-an-hour minimum wage, and Mr. Oz wants market forces to raise wages. They learned both candidates support fracking. They also learned both men are politicians, as they ducked and dodged questions about why they had changed their minds on fracking.

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“Neither candidate has experience as a U.S. senator. Given the lack of substance during the campaign, many voters will have to make a leap of faith on Nov. 8.

“We believe Mr. Oz is the better bet for Pennsylvania.”


This race will be close until the end, but with this recent endorsement it seems the tides may be turning in Dr. Oz’s favor.

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